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Every educational, workforce training program or youth services program wants to see their alumni attain academic and career success.

Legacy Launch seeks to ensure that nonprofit and social sector organizations that serve young people have dedicated career services and a job placement agents available to their alumni during their first four years beyond their last year of full-time education. In addition, Legacy Launch also creates a sustainable strategy for funding the work of an Alumni Association -- even if your organization doesn't yet have one. See the program model below and sign up for a consultation.

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Coaching & Workshops

Conroy & Associates will partner with you to launch an internal staffing agency for 30 of your program's alumni (provided that they are college seniors or recent college grads that are interested in pursuing nonprofit and social sector careers). 

Each alumni would have access to 1) one hour of career and job search coaching every month, 2) full job placement services from Conroy & Associates, and 3) a quarterly workshop or career fair geared toward helping them get connected to employers, practice mock interviews, revise their resumes, review current employment trends, and master other job search logistics. Conroy & Associates representatives will facilitate these coaching sessions and workshops on your behalf. 

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Measuring Performance

Our programming will allow your organization to measure how an alumni employment services intervention can work at a statistically significant scale. 

We identify our group by working with your alumni influencers to get others in their community aware of the opportunity through social media and alumni events and apply for the program. We'll then select a representative pool of graduates for the program and measure baseline career variables like current salary, hours worked per week, percentage of alumni working in a field related to their training, job satisfaction with their current job, unemployment rates, etc. We'll work with your alumni leaders to assess those numbers biannually and measure their cohort's collective progress.

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Job Hunt Success & Funding for Your Alumni Movement

Conroy & Associates works with your organization to supplement the costs of this program (and build a nest egg for your organization's Alumni Fund) by the job placement fees we receive from connecting your graduates to jobs.  

For example, if we place one of your alumni participants in an open entry-level position, we will use those funds to offset the costs of the program. Based on our current placement fee averages and placement rate of 95%, we would cover the costs of an entire year of alumni employment coaching and workshops with even just 40% of your alumni finding new jobs.

This means that, if we placed only 12 alumni out of the 30 participants in new social sector positions, we would cover the costs of your alumni employment services for a full year. And for each alumni we place beyond that, Conroy & Associates will donate all proceeds from the placement fees to an Alumni Association Fund for you organization, even if you don't already have one.

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