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vocation vo·ca·tion, (noun) - a strong feeling of suitability for a particular career or occupation.

Let's be honest. You are here because, at some point, you decided you needed to settle for the job you have rather than pursue the purpose-driven work you want.

Maybe you settled for a 9am to 5pm J-O-B. Maybe you embarked on an ambitious, torrid climb up a career ladder in an industry you now feel stuck in. (Maybe you don't want to climb that ladder anymore.) Maybe you started a business venture but it no longer feels like the right path for you and you don't like the way you earn your money. 

Ultimately, you know you are spending 50% or more of your day doing something for someone else that doesn't provide you with a sense of meaning or fulfillment.


Purpose-driven work used to be called a vocation. I don't necessarily mean vocation in the sense of vocational school, where a student's only real career choice is to pick a path toward future employment from a menu of apprenticeship options -- usually work done by hand as a trade -- unless the option the student chose provides them with a sense deep meaning.

No, when I use the word vocation, I am speaking of work that reflects the kind of life you want to lead every moment of the day. The kind of work that suits you so well, it demands that you to never give it up.

Not having a vocation is a symptom of not choosing the life you want.


Conroy Talent & Associates exists to help you make that choice and stick to it, because choosing the life you want -- and the purpose-driven work that will be the expression of your life well-lived -- is really a long series of strategic choices.

We've created our Vocation Design course from thousands of hours of career counseling and job search support that we've provided in the past to our job search clients. We've taken everything we've learned from those sessions and combined them into a series of online learning tools, coaching sessions, and career planning tools and resources that you can use to design the career and life you want.


Chris provided top-notch service throughout my career development process. I was impressed with his ability to not only present a career opportunity clearly and thoroughly, but also his keen insight into an organization’s culture and my goals. I would highly recommend Conroy Talent & Associates.
— Jaime Crespo, Director of Marketing & Communications, Benjamin Franklin Technical Institute
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I had been job searching the past two years and had no luck finding anything that suited my skills and interests.

I was referred to Conroy & Associates job search assistance by my mentor. Within a week of reaching out to them they had found an open position for me.

The role was a big step for me, so I was nervous. I had not updated my resume, wrote a cover letter or went on an interview in years. But my recruiter ensured I felt supported throughout the entire process, from the moment the job position opened up until the day I was actually offered the job.

I found not just a job but a career — one I love and never imagined would be possible!
— Luz Villar, Neighborhood Liaison, Boston City Council
Conroy & Associates has gone above and beyond to help me get a job!

From the moment that I contacted Chris, he scheduled a time to meet up to get to know me and which position would best fit for me. When there was an opening, he contacted me immediately and I was able to start on an interview process right away.

Throughout the entire interview process, Chris was very supportive and encouraging. I got the position that I wanted within a month and I’m incredibly excited about the starting my job soon!
— Anny Harlan, Executive Assistant to CEO, The B.E.L.L. Foundation

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