Vocation Design (90 Day Course)

Vocation Design (90 Day Course)

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Sign up for Conroy Talent & Associates Vocation Design Course and you will receive 90 days of full-time career & solopreneurship support that will land you a career and a lifestyle filled with purpose and excitement.

For an investment of $5 a day for the next three months, we can help you create a more profitable vocation that will stick with you for the rest of your life. How's that for return on investment? Check out our testimonials to learn more about how we've helped our customers.

Here's what you receive when you participate in CT&A's Vocation Design course:


  • 12 weekly sessions of life and career design webinars from our expert recruiters and business professionals
  • 60 daily email correspondence prompts that help lead you on a Vocation Design


  • Admission to a event of your choice from a designed menu of networking options


  • Financial Literacy for the Life Entrepreneur workbook, budget sheet & guide
  • 12 weekly job opening updates and Rapid Response Alerts for careers that are ideally suited for your life


  • 12 sessions of Business Planning and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Design support from members of our business team
  • Business Development Asset Mapping that will generate at least 20 solid leads to get your sales off and running
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