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- Submit 1 free job posting each month to thousands of engaged professionals who identify with dimensions of diversity you want in workforce.

- Announce job openings directly to our Talent Network of 5,000 professionals through our direct email campaigns.



$149 per introduction per month*

+ $49 per job posting

All Bootstrap features, plus:

- Any number of Top Candidate referrals from our Recruiting Team each month

- Get 1 hour of recruiting consulting each month via video conference with your Account Manager

*Billed annually

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Build an inclusive workforce from the start.

Employers simply don't have enough cost-effective options when it comes to recruiting candidate pools that hit the mark for both diversity and fit. 

If you are like most of our clients, you only have three options to improve your workforce diversity and none of them are very effective.

Option 1 - Post & Pray

You can post your jobs to any number of paid or free job boards, wait, and hope you can sort through the random assortment of resumes you receive (that tell you nothing about what each candidate is really like) to find the candidate you are looking for.

Option 2 - Large Fees, No Diversity

You can pay up 30% of a new hire's salary to recruitment and staffing agencies to send you candidates with no guarantee that their network of talent has the diversity that you seek.

Option 3 - Train Your Hiring Managers to be Recruiters

You can spend months and years of your own time and budget (1) working with your hiring managers to train them to source talent from diverse networks of talent, (2) refining your hiring process so that it eliminates bias, and (3) improving your employer brand with underrepresented communities to increase interest from applicants.

Until now.

We use networks and employer brand to solve the problems of pricing and posting.

At Cultur, we have already developed a network of thousands of professionals who identify with traditionally underrepresented dimensions of diversity in your workforce.

Our platform provides an ideal "network of networks" for people from varying communities to share their thoughts about the culture of organizations they work for in an authentic and meaningful way.

Consequently, as an employer, you can count on tapping into an engaged network of talented professionals any time you post a job with Cultur.

Cultur is a place where employers get introduced to leading professionals from trade associations, neighborhood associations, fraternities and sororities, and Historically Black Colleges & Universities, etc. It is this growing network or networks that serves as the perfect sourcing tool for your recruitment team.


Banner photo by Victoria Heath on Unsplash.