Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Conroy & Associates?

Conroy Talent & Associates, LLC is a staffing agency built exclusively to provide talent to the nonprofit and social sector.

Most nonprofits don't use staffing firms for unless it’s for very senior positions. Why build a staffing agency exclusively for them?

We believe that the social sector is the bedrock of our national economy. It was the only sector of the economy that grew jobs and wages during the economic recovery immediately following the Great Recession. Yet, over 72% of small and nearly half of our largest nonprofit organizations have no formal recruitment strategy in place to guide their process for building their teams. Many organizations can’t afford to hire full-time HR professionals to manage their staff -- let alone implement a strategy to build their team in an intentional way -- and is one of the main drivers for high turnover (with companies losing nearly 1 in 5 team members every year) in a sector that otherwise could be providing meaningful, well-paying career opportunities that change lives and communities.

We believe that a low-cost, low-risk staffing option will allow nonprofit to recruit phenomenal talent to support their missions -- either on a part-time and full-time basis -- and improve the impact of important social, cultural and environmental missions, in turn, powering our national economy by producing social benefit and profits.

What are your recruiting fees?

Conroy & Associates offers the most affordable, risk-free talent search services in the industry.


Most non-profit recruiting firms charge a retainer fee of anywhere between 20-35% of the estimated first-year salary for the position they are helping you fill. This can amount to committing tens of thousands of dollars up front to hire a professional blind -- without ever knowing how they would perform in your organization, let alone a job interview.

Conroy & Associates is eliminating the financial risk and the need for nonprofits to commit to outsized, upfront investments by introducing a multi-year recruiting model called Performance Staffing.

With Performance Staffing you invest 75-90% less for us to run your search. When we make a placement? You only pay us if your new hire stays on for another year of employment and performs to the expectations of their position during the preceding year. If not, your investment in our talent search is refunded 100%.

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Where do you find your talent?

We don’t get our talent from LinkedIn searches or job aggregators. We get our talent from the places where it will benefit you most -- from institutions and associations dedicated to social benefit missions.

Our network of over 20 recruiters have been cultivating our talent network organically throughout our careers because we all have professional experience in nonprofit, human resources and corporate responsibility leadership. Our talent comes from national service networks Americorps, Teach for America, City Year, higher education programs such as Boston University’s Institute of Nonprofit Management and Leadership, Harvard Graduate School of Education and the Heller School of Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University, national policy networks such as the New Leaders Council, as well as several communities of religious faith.

What levels of positions do you place with your search services?

We have run search for all levels of the organizational chart -- from entry-level to C-suite and executive level professionals. Our most common searches are run for middle management and Director-level positions because our Performance Staffing model allows us to place staff members that grow into leaders of organizations over time. We also improve entry-level and middle-management retention over time because our staffing model incentives us to find staff members who will grow with your organization.

How quickly do you respond to requests for searches?

We have the ability to deliver your search to our national and regional networks of recruiters as soon as you submit an online request or after you meet with us for a free consultation.

Do you provide services for job seekers? How much do they cost?

We offer one hour of formal Career Strategy service each month & one free cover letter template and resume revision to the members of our talent network free of charge

While other staffing agencies can charge hundreds of dollars for career advisement and resume support, we believe in providing this service to those who wish to dedicate their careers to making the world a better place. We put our talent first, always.

More questions?

Contact us today with any questions you might have about our talent search and career development services or to book a free consultation.