Diverse teams win.

We know you aren't just looking for another staffing firm.

That's a good thing because Cultur is much more than just recruiting and staffing.

We are a dynamic network of champions for diversity, inclusion, and equity in our workplaces. We focus on delivering outstanding leadership talent to key management roles within your organization.

Why do we focus on diversity and management? Because the results are undeniable.

Diversity is our strength now and into the future.

Great leadership is uncommon, particularly in product and service management roles. Finding leaders who have the experience, the ability to synthesize and drive results with complex workflows, and the capacity to deploy empathy and relational intelligence with their teams is challenging and time consuming process.

At Cultur, we have developed a sourcing practice and screening process that identifies great leadership qualities. We use this specliazed people intelligence to make outstanding placements for our clients. 

Do you need to hire now?

Is the challenge of hiring for dimensions of diversity and leadership qualities adding an extra dimension and time to your hiring process?

Not to worry. We've already invested the time you need. We've spent over a decade building some of the most diverse professional networks in the country, particularly in partnership with communities that are traditionally underrepresented in your industry. We can reduce your time to fill dramatically and still help you make a great hire.

It's All About Introductions

Our diverse Talent Network includes over 5,000 talented professionals who identify with traditionally underrepresented communities in all of the following industries:

  • Biotechnology

  • Construction

  • Financial Services & Banking

  • Healthcare

  • I.T.

  • Insurance

  • Manufacturing

  • Marketing & Communications

  • Medical Devices

  • Media & Public Relations

  • Non-Profit & Fundraising Professionals

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Philanthropy

  • Public Accounting

  • Real Estate

  • Retail/Distribution

  • Venture Capital

If your company is seeking to deepen its commitment to diversity and inclusion in any of these sectors, particularly in roles that require exceptional management experience and skills, we've designed our recruiting and talent acquisition procedures specifically for you.

In today's world of LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter and integrated ATS, any recruiter can send you scores of resumes. But only the best can help you find the right match, the first time. That's what we do.

Our Talent Associates will quickly become your go-to HR Business Partners. Upon request, we can provide custom-tailored talent acquisition consulting for all business entities - from small offices to global companies.

Our hiring and behavioral interview methods focus on making targeted introductions to individual talent with extensive dossiers that document their skills and experiences. In addition, we help our clients proactively plan, execute, track, and continuously improve their diversity results and employer brand with each staffing project. 

How We Work

1. Client Visit & Assessment. When we begin any new relationship, we meet with our client contacts onsite at their company to get sense of the environment and to discuss the client’s needs in person.

2. Kickoff Meeting. For each job opening, we will have an in-depth discussion with our client to understand all relevant elements of the position to ensure that we pursue the most appropriate candidates.

3. Talent Acquisition Consulting. (Optional) Upon employer requests, we are happy to draw upon our experience to advise on topics such as diversity and inclusion within the talent acquisition process, appropriate compensation, behavioral interview, etc. We will also help create your job description as needed and provide customized training for hiring teams.

4. Introduction Plan. Upon gathering the necessary information, Cultur will prepare a "Introduction Plan" which will include specific tactics for recruiting the most ideal candidates from underrepresented backgrounds to speak with you about your open role. One element of this plan is a competitive assessment through which we ascertain which other companies have talent that would be fit for your needs.

5. Screening & Professional Background Checks. With your specific needs in mind, we will tap our Talent Network to screen viable candidates for the role through a series of modified behavioral interviews. We are also able to conduct candidate background screening thorough third-party professional references. (We also offer additional background and credit check services upon request.)

6. The Introduction Process. This is the most critical and unique part of the Cultur process. We will arrive at a select list of anywhere between 6-10 top candidates that we feel will best represent our firm’s reputation and commitment to quality. We’ll then coordinate logistics to facilitate smooth introductions to each candidate we feel would add value to your candidate pool.

7. Negotiation and Compensation. (See our TEMPO Staffing services below.) For all temp and contractor candidates, we will handle all negotiation of compensation interactions. We believe in being upfront with all parties to finalize a compensation package that is satisfactory for all.

8. Ongoing Communication. Our work doesn’t end with the first day of employment. We will provide weekly check-ins with contract talent (and managers upon request) to ensure that the best possible match has been made and to provide any coaching as needed. We will also schedule 3 and 6-month assessments with newly hired permanent employees to see how they are adjusting to your company culture and role.

Additional Services

TEMPO Staffing

We created TEMPO (Train - Employ - Onboard) Staffing because we seek to ensure that every temp, contractor, or permanent hire you make has a chance to be a phenomenal, long-term colleague.

CTA provides full-service contingent employment solutions, including:

  • temporary
  • contract
  • direct-hire employees
  • permanent hires
  • payrolling and back-office HR services

Our Staffing Associates will help you meet your hiring goals across a wide variety of fields.

We connect our diverse network to your team by focusing what's important to hiring managers: consistency and customer service.

We will deliver free weekly check-ins and coaching strategies to talent and managers, helping to ensure that our CTA contractors make a smooth transition onto your team and strengthening your employer brand in the process.

We will also reduce your organization's financial risk through our 100% Money-Back Guarantee and contractor retention rate will dramatically increase your chances of retaining high-performing, diverse talent for the long run.

Contact us to set up an Employer Account and talk with our Talent Associates today.