Resources: Episode #4

Today's Anchor podcast described the importance of doing two pieces of homework prior to having a conversation with your manager. The podcast was intended for those of you who've lost trust in your manager or whose lack of support is causing you to consider starting up a new job search.

Before having such a conversation with your manager, I'd like to suggest that you utilize these the two resources below to prepare your feedback.


The first resource is my Job Description Scorecard. The scorecard will help you assess your own performance against your current job description. It gives you a sweet and simple template to score how well you've done in your job and an opportunity to consider and document evidence that supports your own scores. Scoring how you've performed against your formal job description gives you an objective, broad overview of how you actually have been performing in your role.

Using this resource will help reduce the likelihood that you will delude yourself into thinking you've been a top performer in every category of your job. (Unless you really have been that excellent. In which case, congratulations!) It will also help reduce the likelihood that you will rely on your own personal biases to give feedback to your manager and increase the likelihood that you will take your manager's perspective into account when providing them feedback. It will also alert you to any changes that may have occurred to your role's responsibilities but not yet been formally documented in your current job description.


The next resource for today is your Impact Statements Template, which will help you prepare to provide fair, timely and useful feedback to your manager. If you follow the guidelines provided in this resource, you will deliver high-quality feedback to your manager and also be able to assess whether or not they are serious about your on-the-job development.

Use this resource only after completing your Job Description Scorecard. You'll need to assess your own performance and develop and objective point-of-view of your own contributions to your organization before providing your manager feedback. You know how the saying goes, "Those in glass houses..."