So, you have friends and colleagues that are leaders in their field but are struggling with their company culture and lack of diversity. Right? Don't worry, we got your back.

Conroy Talent & Associates, LLC (CTA) offers a powerful affiliate marketing program to friends of our organization with two options for making referrals -- one for each of the two core services we provide to our clients.

Our diversity temp-to-perm staffing, TEMPO, and organizational management services, SoTech, lead the sector in affordability and impact on the production, culture, operations, diversity and inclusiveness of organizations of all kinds. Now, you can earn referral rewards and save your friends and colleague some serious on-the-job stress -- and a hero is born!

See? Told you we had your back ;) 

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the benefits to you, our affiliates

As a corporate affiliate of CTA, you can earn tens of thousands of dollars a year, improve the career opportunities of hundreds of diverse professionals, and boost key performance outcomes of dozens of companies and nonprofit organizations that are attempting to improve their workplace culture, just by setting up a meeting over email.

THE Benefit OF CTA to Employers

Know an employer who wants to hire more diverse professionals and radically improve their overall workplace culture and management operations? By connecting them with CTA you are introducing your employer contacts to one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic firms anywhere in the country for these services. We combine the power of (1) data analytics and (2) brain-based equity, diversity, and inclusion training with (3) a powerful five-step solution for transforming frenetic, floundering, and even cynical workplaces into highly efficient communities where people love to work. We guarantee a 10x return on the value of our services to employers within two years. You simply make the introduction, support us as we set up the meeting, and become the hero!

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THE Benefits OF Cta to THOSE Seeking Meaningful Work

We ensure talented professionals from traditionally underrepresented identities have an equitable opportunity to make an impact on the world through work that they find meaningful in organizations where they can love doing that work. We provide temping, contracting, and permanent, full-time roles to candidates in companies that truly value diversity and a culture of inclusion. CTA can ensure this commitment because we also provide a full-range of consulting services that ensure our clients have access to the tools, resources, an organizational management practices necessary to meet those commitments. You can help connect us with innovative, thoughtful companies that want to develop a richer, more vibrant workforce today and help hundreds of diverse professionals build phenomenal careers by becoming a CTA Affiliate.

the Benefits of cta for Professionals

We know the best-case scenario for any employee who is temping is to find meaningful, long-term employment in an organization where they love to show up every day. We provide each of our temps with customized training and coaching support from our team of Workforce Coaches throughout the life of their contract. We believe the best possible outcome for a temporary employee and their worksite is that they are matched so effectively and perform so well in their role, that the employer can’t help but want to hire them as a full-time employee. That’s why our commitment to our employers and talent alike is to ensure our temp staff will always be the personnel best positioned to succeed for the long-term inside any employer’s organization.