If you are seeking a more meaningful career that's in line with your values, there is no better professional network to join than Conroy Talent & Associates. Our team of talent development professionals will work with you to define your purpose, create career models, revise resumes, and coach you through interview processes. 

In just three years the firm has placed many professionals in high-impact, social sector jobs with national significance and evolved into a multiservice workplace design agency that ensures companies of all sizes and missions can build workplaces people love through diversity and inclusion, recruitment, employee engagement, and brand management strategies.

CT&A now has 25 recruiters and career coaches across the country in markets everywhere from Boston to New York, Houston to Los Angeles. Their marketing and communications work has been featured on the U.S. Department of Education’s website, and they recently received the Community Partnership Award with their partners in Boston Public Schools from Boston Cares, New England’s largest volunteer management organization.

In 2017, Conroy Talent & Associates, LLC is launching a dedicated coaching service division specifically for mid-career and senior level professionals. We will help hundreds of talented people with a heart for service navigate the next stage of their career journey and find the most meaningful and fulfilling manner in which to apply their natural strengths to create impact.*

*Coaching rates are based on a graduated income scale.